Digital Humanities & Image Scholarship

Digital Humanities & Image Scholarship created by Prof Amanda du Preez and Dr Karli Brittz

Project description

The Digital Humanities & Image Scholarship OER consists of the following (grouped together on one platform for easy access):

  1. An easy-to-follow online course, facilitated by our team, that is geared towards exposure of different DH methods and platforms. During the course students will create various online projects that they can use as part of their own portfolios, or research development. Instruction will consist of video lectures, critical reading of resources and facilitation/guidance in using various digital platforms. Themes for the online course are outlined as follows:
  • Humanities in the Digital
  • Postdigital Selves
  • Thinking Images
  1. A DH toolkit that provides guidance and an outline of various DH resources and platforms. The guide includes an overview, critical reading material, tutorials, examples and advantages/disadvantages of each digital tool/platform.

  2. A repository of theoretical readings and key sources of DH, with a key focus on DH discourse in the global South.

Project team

Prof Amanda du Preez, Dr Karli Brittz


University of Pretoria


DH skills; digital, media, image and visual culture scholarship; critical digital humanities; writing for Substack; visual/video essays; digital image archives