Teaching reading skills for language teachers in the intermediate phase

Project description

DLEAC have developed an OER to teach reading in primary school intermediate phase. They have used their modules on language teaching in the intermediate phase to inform the development of the OER that makes use of videos, links to additional reading resources as well as interactive assessment tools. The aim is to make the OER freely accessible to student teachers and practicing teachers so as to make the content accessible. This may include accessible language use, and inclusive design. The OER content will cover basic reading teaching theory but will focus on practical implementation of teaching reading. The instruction, examples and activities will be aimed at the range of contexts representative of South African schools and in the intermediate phase of primary education. The OER’s instructional design must act as an example of good teaching practice.

Project team

Prof Tintswalo.V. Manyike, Ms Dudu Zwane, Dr Faiza Gani, Dr Marina Burger, Dr Shirley Mukhari, Dr. Grace Nkumane, Dr Pimelo Ngidi, Ms Kim Miller, Mr Maselepe Chidi, Dr Debbie Sanders


University of South Africa


Reading, Comprehension, Self-directed learning