Uploading data to the DHCSS stakeholder map

The project aims to provide an overview of the landscape of digital humanities, computational social sciences, and related fields in South Africa specifically.

If you are:

  • based in South Africa;
  • affiliated with a South African organisation or research institution; or
  • working on projects related to South Africa or in collaboration with researchers in South Africa.

We welcome anyone who fits the description above and is working in any aspect of digital humanities (DH) or computational social sciences (CSS) to add information to the database and make it accessible via these interactive visualisations.

Upload data to show on the visualisations

You can share the following information: projects (in DH,CSS or related fields); people; datasets; tools (that has been developed by South African-based researchers or for South African research in DH or CSS or related fields); publications; training opportunities; learning materials; archives; and other.

Data for the stakeholder map is captured using a Google Form.

Add publications to the Zotero library

Research articles can be added to an open collection in Zotero to facilitate easy access to publications from the South African community or articles with a South African focus.