Northern Region (15 - 17 April 2024)

Invited institutions: UL, UNIVEN, UMP, all HDIs

Eastern Cape Region (27 Nov - 1 Dec 2023)

Invited institutions: WSU, RU, NMU, UFH

Bridging the Gap: Connecting South African Humanities and Social Sciences through DH-IGNITE

South Africa’s rich history, which spans the full spectrum of the arts, humanities, and social sciences, is often considered within silos. Researchers are faced with a situation which frequently amounts to gatekeeping, although that may not be the intention, because they are not connected to all the relevant silos.

DH-IGNITE, a catalyst for new ideas

This post was contributed by Anusha Sewchurran (Lecturer, Faculty of Arts and Design, Durban University of Technology). Anusha represented DUT on the panel discussion titled A vision for digital and computational research in humanities and social sciences at DH-IGNITE KZN 2022.

DH-IGNITE - An opportunity not to be missed

Shifting gears from analogue to digital research doesn’t come easy when you are doing it in isolation. Understanding how to reframe, relearn and reapply research in light of the advancement of technology in society may all seem quite daunting when you’re new to digital humanities (DH) or computational social science (CSS).

Introducing DH-IGNITE - Community and capacity building for humanities & social sciences in South Africa

ESCALATOR is excited to announce DH-IGNITE, a regional event to bring together humanities, social sciences and computational sciences stakeholders and help foster a community of practice in digital humanities and computational social sciences.