Ilana Wilken

Digitising questionnaires - Factors to consider



24 August 2023




Lessons learned from doing interdisciplinary research


In a multilingual, multicultural South African society where there are many socio-economic differences, it is easy to think that digital, multimodal questionnaires are the solution. However, there are many factors that must be considered when questionnaires are digitised. The users should be at the centre point of the design process to ensure a satisfactory user experience where the technology is set up to be successful in collecting the required information.


Ms Ilana Wilken is a Senior Knowledge Applicator at the CSIR Voice Computing Research Group and holds an MA in Applied Language Studies from the University of Pretoria. Her field of focus is human-computer interaction, and she investigates the physical, emotional, intellectual, and social factors that influence how people adopt and use voice computing technology. She uses this knowledge to design the user interface and user experience of products developed during projects and to test the technical outputs.