Understanding the lay of the land: the DHCSSza Stakeholder Map Project

The South African Centre for Digital Language Resources (SADiLaR) is excited to announce the launch of the stakeholder map, which aims to collect and share data on Digital Humanities (DH), Computational Social Sciences (CSS) and related activities and initiatives in South Africa.

The launch of the stakeholder map project coincides with the International Day of DH, and includes data on projects, people, publications, datasets, training courses, learning materials, tools, archives, and unclassified records. Information on these record types can now be submitted to the stakeholder map using our online form.

The stakeholder map data can be visualised via two online interactive platforms, available through the ESCALATOR website.

The software and scripts used in developing the data workflow and visualisations are available under open licenses and/or as freeware. Over the next four weeks we will publish a series of blogs detailing the data pipeline development as part of our committment to open science. The pipeline can be re-used for similar projects in other countries and regions. Read the first blog post for an introduction to the data pipeline.

Please visit our visualisations page or the detailed description to interact with the data or learn more.

For inquiries, please reach out to Dr Anne Treasure or share your thoughts via our Slack workspace in the #dhcss-stakeholder-map channel.

Dr Anne Treasure
Dr Anne Treasure
Research Analyst & Trainer