Exciting opportunity to win prizes for DH posters!

International Day of DH, which started in 2009 as “Day in the Life of Digital Humanities”, is a day when digital humanists celebrate their work and share it with the broader community.

This year’s Day of DH will take place on 31 May worldwide. It is coordinated by the Centre de recherche interuniversitaire sur les humanités numériques in Québec, Canada under the theme “Humanizing Data”.

“As the humanities are under pressure internationally, how can DH centres respond to diverse challenges? We are particularly interested in hearing about strategies from the global DH community about their political, financial, or pedagogical challenges and their strategies for overcoming them.”

Read more on the website or see below for ideas on how to be a part of this exciting day!

1. Win a prize!

“Students are invited to present a poster on their work on the Day of DH to be shared globally (posters should be hosted locally, but links will be made available on the CRIHN website). Three awards will be offered to the best posters by categories (undergraduate, MA, and PhD students). Students must complete the online form to provide information about their posters by Monday, 29 May.”

Students affiliated with South African institutions are encouraged to upload their posters to Zenodo (and tag the ESCALATOR community) or any other open-access platform for greater visibility and posterity.

For assistance with adding posters to Zenodo, please join the ESCALATOR team at an upcoming onboarding event (16 or 23 May at 10:00 - 10:30) or get in touch.

2. Share information about your work

Participants are encouraged to share information about their DH projects, teaching, data, and collaborations via Twitter, Mastodon (#dayofdh2023), or the event website.

3. Join the ESCALATOR Day of DH celebration on 31 May 2023 at 11:00 - 13:00!

In celebration of Day of DH, ESCALATOR will be hosting an online event. Activities will include:

  • Opportunities to share knowledge and resources
  • Discussions around the theme “Humanising Data”
  • A fun collaborative activity

More information coming soon!

4. Organise your own local event - big or small!

Organisations and research groups are also invited to host their own activities on this special day. All activities will be advertised as part of the Day of DH programme. Please fill out the online form by Monday, 22 May, to get listed in the program, which will be unveiled on Wednesday, 24 May.

Let’s show the world what’s happening in South African digital humanities and computational social sciences research!