New ways to connect with the community!

Are you a researcher or student working in Humanities or Social Sciences wanting to learn more about digital or computational research practices related to your field? Want to meet others working in Digital Humanities (DH) or Computational Social Sciences (CSS)?

We recently created the @DHCSSza Twitter handle where we aim to broadcast opportunities and resources related to South Africans in these fields. If you are already working in the fields of DH or CSS, we’d like to share information about your projects and related opportunities with others via @DHCSSza as well.

You can now also join the DHCSSza Slack workspace. Slack is an online collaboration and networking platform that has been gaining popularity amongst academic communities globally. It allows members to participate in various conversations via different channels. We already created the following channels:

  • events (information about upcoming events including training)
  • funding-and-awards (information about funding related to computational/digital practices in humanities and social sciences)
  • learning-programming (information about resources that may be useful to people wanting to learn to use programming in their research)
  • project-showcase (where researchers and students can tell others about their interesting projects)
  • share-resources (for sharing information about useful resources, infrastructure, datasets, etc)
  • share-training-materials (for sharing information about training materials related to any aspect of Digital Humanities or Computational Social Sciences).

We also invite members of the Slack workspace to suggest new channels and expect that, as the community grows, we’ll have more subject-specific channels where topics such as natural language processing, cultural heritage (GLAM), digital health humanities, geospatial humanities, social network analysis, and more will be discussed.

Our community welcome newcomers to digital and computational research practices as well as established practitioners.

To learn how Slack is used by the global DH community, read this post by Amanda Visconti -

Please note that by signing up to the DHCSSza Slack workspace, you agree to abide by the ESCALATOR/SADiLaR Code of Conduct.

Anelda van der Walt
Anelda van der Walt
ESCALATOR Programme Manager