Chapter: Challenges and Opportunities of Digital Humanities Training in South Africa

"Digital Humanities Workshops is the first volume to focus explicitly on the most common and accessible kind of training in digital humanities (DH): workshops. Drawing together the experiences and expertise of dozens of scholars and practitioners …

Ten simple rules for establishing a mentorship programme

In recent years, a wide variety of mentorship programmes targeting issues that cannot be addressed through traditional teaching and learning methods alone have been developed. Mentoring plays significant roles in the growth and development of both …

Ten simple rules for establishing a mentorship programme

We are excited to announce the publication of our peer-reviewed article ‘Ten simple rules for establishing a mentorship programme’. In the paper, we present a concise summary of recommendations that outline key elements to consider when designing and establishing mentorship programmes.

Mentorship programme developers share experience at first Mentorship Indaba

About the event In April 2021 ESCALATOR hosted a virtual Computational Research and Open Science Community Mentorship Indaba. The aim of the event was to bring together mentorship programme developers to share knowledge and lessons learned.